mobula7 buzzer modification.


The pinout from Happymodels site.

It’s so tiny, that it is almost impossible not to damage something by soldering unwanted parts together. But I really needed a good buzzer to find it back.

Disamble the Mobula.

After a crash there was some smoke so I also did a detailed inspection.


Powered everything up and everything works without smoke. So I can continue to do the buzz mod.


The first pad was “easy”.

The second pad is so close to other components, it is almost not visible with the naked eye. So I added a loupe to my whislist 😁

But some time and coffee’s later it is attached.


Powering on the hotglue gun.

Fixating the fragile wire connection to hold it in place and preventing short circuit.

Done !

Extra protection

I put a piece of plastic between the boards because I’m scared now for shorting.
It’s a cheap and easy mode that gives me more trust.

Everything put back together with a nice buzzer exhaust !

That was it for now !

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